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Pretty good art I may say if I do so my self hunnuhun *Snooty art critic voice*



So lately, ideas for Manga, Stories, and things like that have been filling my head to the brim.
Here is all the stories that I have just laid out and nearly started...

Legends Rally
Kemono Kari Academi
Mage's Shell
Channel Exodus

These two are really planned out so far...

Formula Sin
Marks V.3

I dunno what I should do with these, either start them, create one shots, stuff like that, but I really want to start at least one of them.
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So, lately I've been working on just tweaks here and there of Mark V.02's actual version... nothing serious

But... I've been having a lot of ideas for a little project just to work on. A mangaka!
I have some ideas and rough sketches, and a few little pieces for how the world works, and I really think, for a smaller project, it would be a cool idea to work on.

It's about a 'school' where people are trained to fight against giant monsters that inhabit their world.
I think I'll start posting things for it soon enough, maybe tomorrow...
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Honey I'm good- Andy Grammer
  • Reading: \"Scripts\"
  • Watching: Anime/manga reviews...
  • Playing: DBZ Xenoverse
  • Eating: Pop Tarts!
  • Drinking: Dr.Pepper
Chapter:IV:Trump Cards

Frieza, still levitating upwards towards the heavens, still laughing, still enveloped in pain and blood. Gohan flashed into his Super Saiyan form once more, though strain was easibly noticible on his young face.
Frieza's blood once more fell from his mouth. His beaming red eyes then opened wide as if to signal excietment. A small, void black orb, with pink electric sparks wildely roatating around it, going through it, and trailing upwards as if gravity was oppisite to them, Plopped into existance.
Gohan's worried eyes then opened as wide as possible, his expression turned to pure shock. The small orb suddenly grew to the size of a whale, as Frieza's pink aura shocked and shook the entire planet, it also engulfed the entire orb and Frieza himself, nearly blocking Gohan's view of the tyrant.
Gohan suddenly shot off from his position to tackle Frieza, but was stopped short by the heat and might of the giant orb floating just above his enemy. "Dammit! I can't get near that!" The young boy roared. "Hehehe! I don't recomend attacking me boy, if I take more damage, my attack will detonate, killing me, you, that green worm, and most likely anything left alive on this planet. But if you don't attack me, it will do the same thing, as well as destroy the planet! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The insane laughter resonating through the ice demons body echoed across the green land, shaking Gohan's very being.
"GOOD BYE YOU MAGGOTS! GOODBYE!" Frieza's voice shuttered and shook as pure joy filled every bit of his entire excistence. He laughed more and more as the black orb slowly glided towards the ground. "Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!" Gohan screamed once more. "I only have one shot!" Gohan fluxed his aura and put his hands across his forehead with his fingers clawing the air around his palms. A glow of pure gold engulfed him. Dirt swirled and chunks of stone and grass orbited his body. The ground below him cracked and shook.
"SUPER MASENKO!" A large golden beam swallowed Gohan and the area near him whole, firing straight at the ball of death headed straight for him. The two attacks collided, each trying to destroy the other and complete the goals of their creators.
Gohan felt his power faining. His hair faded to black again, He fell to his knee as his own power began to consume him. He felt his life flashing before him. Every frame of his family and battles on Earth. The battles with Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Dodoria, the Ginyu Force, and now Frieza. As his arms strained under the giant weight of pure unbrideled energy,  he felt more and more strength slowly swell within his body. He pushed his entire young body to the brink. Forcing himself to transform back into Super Saiyan again.
He pushed back against the struggling energy's weight. As he began to reliaze his mistakes, he also tried and tried, pushing harder and harder against immenint death. His aura once more flashed, lifting him into the air as the sturdy rock ground below simply vanished into nothingness against the power of the battle unfolding above it.
"It is impossible! Give it up boy! GIVE UP!" Frieza said once more as his body slowly cracked under the pure pain at his side. Frieza formed a small energy ball in his hand, he launched the orb with every ounce of strength from his good arm. The orb warped and bent against the super speed it travelled at, heading straight for the young boy. Gohan coward in fear, knowing what was coming next, the death of everyone...
FLICK! With a simple wrist turn, the orb was gone, heading off towards the far off mountains, eventually exploding in a giant mass of pink fire and black smoke. Frieza's expression still that of pain and joy. Goku stood aside his son with his arm outstretched and an angry look upon his usually happy calm face.
Goku's head cocked towards Frieza with pure anger on his face. "KAME-HAME-HAAA!" He roared with anger. The blue wave shot out of his hands and collided with the orb. Gohan, seeing his father's confidence in the face of such a monster, charged his attack with all his power against Frieza's.
"Kaio-Ken... TIMES TEN!" Goku roared. His normal white aura turned ruby red and flared about, dancing on the wind as if it were fire made from rubies or roses... Goku's beam went from blue to red to purple and back as it grew in size, merging with Gohan's Masenko, creating a large beam which conpletely engulfed the orb's under side, pushing it back from it's descent.
Frieza was terrifiyed, his body shaking at it's very core. He then let himself drop to the ground, with a thud and a small cloud of dust, Frieza had just lost all chances to defeating the Super Saiyan...
The large beam wrapped around Frieza's death ball and it hurteled it into the heavens, passing through the atmosphere and into the cosmos above, towards the Namekian Suns.
Frieza turned slightly as his strange cuboid ears locked onto the sound of footsteps. Behind him stood Vegeta and a broken and bruised Krillin. Krillin smirked and fell to the ground with a thud. Vegeta however stared directly into his would be killers eyes, the very thing that caused his father, his mother, his cousins, his friends, his subjects, and nearly his entire race to vanish with little to no trace. The very monster that he had served loyally and faithfully for years and years.
"Frieza..." Vegeta coughed. His battle suit torn and shredded, his skin bruised and burnt, his lip and forehead bleeding. He grabbed the Frost Demon by his throat. He lifted the slightly shorter alien into the air, his eyes flaming with a slight nearly invisible teal fire...
"Vegeta! Put him down..." Goku yelled out to the prince as he ripped away the orange overshirt that was tattered and cut. Vegeta grunted and sighed with anger. He tossed Frieza backward into the ground as if he was nothing but utter trash to him, even if he had been choking him nearly an hour ago.
Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Krillin stood over the kneeling and pleading Frieza. "Please... Let me go, if you don't, at least let me use my full potential, I want to use it once before my death!" Frieza begged like a sick dog...
"No. We are going to finish you now!" Gohan shouted into the demon's face. "You need to learn of your mistakes, you monst-" Gohan was cut short...
Vegeta pushed the boy, who was now in his base form, to the ground and flared his aura pushing Goku and Krillin back. "Frieza, ascend... I want you to feel like you have nothing.. Nothing left, just as I have!" The prince's smile looked as if it could kill a man with nothing more than it's grim and terror inducing prescense.
"Good..." Frieza whispered to himself under his breath. "Vegeta, what are you thinking!? We're not doing that!" Goku yelled as he placed his hand on the prince's shoulder. Vegeta turned his head ajar towards the Earthly Saiyan. With one more evil smile, Vegeta blasted Goku backward with a large Galic Cannon.
Gohan shook and blasted off over to his father's side. "Wha- What are you doing Vegeta!?" Krillin asked, slowly stumbling back and shaking like a cold child. "I want that bastard to suffer, I want him to be at full strength when I rip him limb from limb, even if I have to kill all three of you to do it!" Vegeta replied.
Goku stood from the attack along with Gohan near his leg. "Vegeta..." Goku sighed. The two stood against eachother once more, like they did nearly a full year ago on Earth. Frieza slowly levitated upwards as his aura flickered.
Gohan bolted off towards Frieza. Krillin flew backward onto a ledge and placed his hand upward...
Chapter:IV:Trump Cards...
Chapter numerous fourous, I don't know spanishous...
Chapter:III:Quick to the Draw...

The two warriors stared each other down with powerful glares that would paralyze a mortal man... The bald monk quivered at the leg of Vegeta, who stood staring at the fighters as the bleeding Piccolo grunted in pain.
Goku sat in bubbely, Saiyan Healing Pod #332,323,245, his mind following the intense battle perfectly. As he invisioned his son becoming the legend he was now, a red siren roared throughout the entire ship. Goku's eyes opened wide and he smashed through the pod's glass display and shot out into the Namekian sky within miliseconds. Racing towards the battle unfolding just across from him, he thought to himself how Gohan had become so strong in such short amount of time...
Goku's figure emerged from the horizon directly into Krillin's view. He zipped from the sky to the ground in mere seconds. Dust setteled around him. He stared up at the warriors. "Gohan! I'm so proud of you, your a Super Saiyan!"
Goku cheered as he floated upwards towards his son. "I know you can take Freezer now... But if you get tired of this, just let me know so  I can take him on! Hehehe!" Goku laughed. Gohan smiled back with watery eyes. "I got this for now dad." The small boy replied. "Alright then... I'll go take care of Piccolo."
Gohan turned back towards his opponent. Frieza still smirking. "My my... A father son duo of monkeys..." Frieza smiled. Suddenly Frieza's image faded infront of Gohan. Gohan scanned the area for Frieza with anger in his eyes, even with his new found power, he couldn't find his enemy...
Frieza was then on the ground. Behind the bleeding Piccolo and the surprised Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin. Frieza, his arm outstretched and his palm unfolded, pointed straight out towards the three fighters. Suddenly each of them were cast in a glowing pinkish orangish ball of energy. They lifted into the air slowly. "FRIEZA! Put them down now!" Gohan demanded. Frieza shrugged and a thud could be heard for miles around.
All three orbs suddenly shot outward towards the Namekian landscape. Each crashing into the mountains. Frieza then waved his hand around wildly, with each stiff, jagged, yet seemingly random movment, the orbs shot around like pinballs, crashing into the rocks and water over and over, with each person inside being shaken about and being tossed around.
Frieza then pulsed his entire arm outward and the orbs shot backwards from their positions, directly back into the mountains, causing large plumes of smoke to arise from small pink feiry explosions.
Gohan trembeled at the thought of his father, friend, and somewhat teamate instantly dying. His sadness boiled to the surface as tears forced from his eyes, falling from his face. Frieza laughed and turned back at the boy with a grim, evil smile plastered onto his pale bruised face.
Piccolo stood, gripping his arm, swaying from side to side as blood dripped from his wounds. The Namekian then put two fingers to his forhead and quickly whispered some incantation, that most would think to be random grumbling (Which they most likely were...) and his index and pointer finger shot straight out towards the evil tyrant as he agged on the young sad child floating above him.
"MAKKANSAPPOA!" Piccolo screeched, clenching his own skin as the tearing of flesh could be heard. Suddenly a purple beam, with a yellow hot stream orbiting it shot from his finger tips, seemingly melting the air around him and searing the blue grass below the beam. The ray ripped through the air and shot towards the tyrant. Frieza turned, slipping by at the last second. However the hot powerful beam still caught his rips as it flashed by. The beam's intense power and heat seared his skin and melt through his flesh and bone, tearing a shred of his side off of him, causing the skin still attached to his body surrounding the wound to char black.
Frieza's eyes were wide open as the new wound formed. He could not yet feel the pain of what had just transpired, but he knew what was coming. He gripped his profusely bleeding side in pure, utter agony and he fell to his knees. His left eye squinched and his veins pulsed as adrenilne pumped through him at break neck speed. Blood coated the ground and his palm thickly. He huffed and puffed, his breathing shakey and angry.
"You... You... YOU INSUGNIFFICENT KRETIN!" Frieza hollered. Gohan jumped down beside the green alien, prepared to help him against Frieza's retalliation. Frieza fell onto his only free hand, still staring at Piccolo with nothing but unbrideled and 100% pure rage filling his entire exsistance.
"I slaughterd your entire pathetic race for my chance at immortality... I killed thousands of Saiyans, and other countless races for my one goal... Eternal life... I spent weeks here, collecting and murdering my way to victory, only have it swiped away in seconds by a small brat monkey, a bald midget, and the only Saiyan I left alive by choice... How pathetic... And now, I the great lord Frieza, nearly ripped through by a bleeding, dying, and weak Namekian... No... I refuse, REFUSE TO BE MOCKED, I WILL WIN, I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU, NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I AM TORN TO SHREDS OR BLASTED TO BITS, I WILL WIN!" The monster let loose as his stood, swaying as if an invisible child were poking him, causing him to fall back onto his knee and repeat the process.
Frieza began losing his composure as he stood, still clenching his massive wound. "Frieza, just give up, we don't need to keep fighting..." Gohan sighed as he reverted back to his base form. "I agree... This will be my final thoughts on this battle boy..." Frieza tryed his hardest to maintain his grim smile. He lifted his free hand into the air with his pointer finger straight up  and slowly floated upward. "Hehehehehehehe..."
Chapter:II:Legends are born here...

Gohan roared in anger. He shot towards Frieza with blazing speeds. He launched his fists into Frieza's sternum and stomach, The Icey Tyrant buckeling under the strain of each blow.
Frieza was then launched upwards by the boy's clenched fists. Gohan suddenly rematerialized behind him as he flew up. Gohan repeated his attack and launched Frieza into the green grassy rock below with a giant thud. Rocks crumbled under the force of the crash, trees uprooted as the ground below them disentegrated into dust.
Frieza erupted through the earth, his face that of pure unbrideled rage... Gohan slowly glided down towards the tyrant. "What, are you..." Frieza asked angriliy. "How did you increase your power so rapidly..." "HAHAHA! You really don't get it Frieza... This boy, the son of the only other full blooded Saiyan left in excistance, has become the true legend of our people... The Super Saiyan..." Vegeta muttered as blood still spilled off of his face.
"Sure he has..." Frieza frowned. "Now boy, if you dare, fight me at my 100%... I'm sure it will be a challenge for you." "No Frieza, I'm not letting you get any stronger... I won't let you hurt anyone else!" Gohan roared. The young boy bolted towards his adversary. Frieza parried some of the blows but was unable to block or dodge some. Gohan and Frieza exchanged shot after shot to their bodies.
Gohan seemed to take little damage compared to Frieza, but each kept striking the other in their stomachs, faces, and chests. Gohan landed a poweful kick to Frieza's jaw, The demon hovered upwards, Gohan then spun around and kicked over and over into Frieza's chest, each gaining more and more momentum, eventually launching Frieza into the cliff side with an explosion.
Frieza once more emerged from the rocky terrain staring angrily at the boy. "I've had enough..." Frieza flared his aura. He stuck out his hand, each finger extended towards Gohan. Each finger dazzeled in a pink light as hundreds of needle like lasers shot forth from his hand. Gohan, surprised barely stuck his arms up in time, each laser ripped through his suit and armor like butter, searing and cutting his skin with each strike. Gohan groaned in agony as hundreds of fiery hot needles pierced and slashed his skin.
Gohan fluxed his golden aura and dozens of the needles evaporated. Gohan panted and sweat. "You seem to be getting tired, how bout' a nap hmm?" Frieza laughed. Vegeta then snuck from behind with his palm flexed. Frieza turned to see the gloved hand of the Saiyan prince nearly scraping his nose.
"Galic Cannon!" Vegeta smirked as the purple ray burst from his hand, burning molecules of air as it ripped and danced around. Frieza took the entire attack dead on, each second burning away at his skin. Vegeta flipped backwards as the plume of gray smoke floated off. Frieza sat there with his hands barely raised to his face. His skin smoked and his eyes went white.
Suddenly a glowing disk whizzed by and slashed through the air. Frieza turned to see it heading towards him and jumped up higher into the air, his tail wagged down and the disk blade sliced right through, severing his tail in two.
Frieza did not react immediatly. Then his anger burst to the surface as he raced towards Krillin, the one who had just severed his tail for the second time. Gohan appeared infront of the short monk and blocked Frieza's raging storm of a tackle.
The giant explosion of air ripped through the air creating a pressure that cracked the ground beneath Gohan's feet. Krillin sped off towards Piccolo and Vegeta as the two super warriors pressed their heads against one another, creating purple and golden electricity and powerful ripples of air with each and every millisecond.
Gohan flicked his leg upwards into Frieza's chin with tremendous force. Frieza bolted towards the sun under the force of the impact. Frieza flipped his body and positioned his limbs outward to stop his climb.
Frieza's pinkish blood fell over his face. He licked it from his deep purple lips and smirked. "My my boy, what a improvment... You seem to be able to keep up with, if not beat me, at my current state... but, if you take up my offer of letting me power up one last time... I can guarantee a slight challenge."
The icey demon flicked his half tail up and down, his gaze transfixed onto the golden haired child. "..." Gohan mumbled under his breath something incoherrent, the thought of a newer more powerful form of Frieza actually challenging him now that he has transformed was ludicrous to him. But he clung onto the thought that Piccolo needed help and Frieza needed to be stopped soon. However he was tempted...


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I am from the south of Alabama and live with my two younger sisters mother and father. I love Manga and Anime with good and intriguing plots :P I have an awesome family and some awesome friends! I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was around 4 and it messes with emotions and how hyperactive you are. I use drawing and writing to control ADHD. Also I was never diagnosed with it but I'm pretty positive I have OCD aswell. But anger still is pretty obvious at times with me. But I have learned to control it mostly and Art is what helps me and it is what I hope to continue forever.

I want to design Video games. And have a few ideas for some of them. Well I have talked enough, I love my art and I hope everyone else does to :D

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